The Baltic Music Network

GotlandsMusiken, the regional community music foundation on the largest island in the Baltic Sea, initiated in May 2015 the one-year pilot project ”Baltic Music Network – Resounding Sea”. The project aims at mapping and initiating a dialogue with professional music organizations and educational institutions as well as creative music enterprises in the countries of the Baltic Sea Region on how we can collaborate more and better, defining challenges and finding solutions in our region of Europe.

The project is funded by the Swedish Institute and consists of three main strands:

Identifying and contacting potential partners in all countries of the Baltic Sea Region

To organize during autumn 2015 four Network shops in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland as to investigate interest and challenges in an extended musical collaboration between partners around the Baltic Sea. The results will then be analyzed and complemented with inputs from other Baltic Sea states.

A final conference will be held in Visby (Gotland, Sweden) in the first months of 2016, where decisions will be made on the common, interactive website that will allow music based organizations and companies to easily find project partners in the Baltic Sea Region countries, reflecting on e.g. a common EU project after the finalization of the pilot