Dag Franzén

Gotlandsmusiken / Gotland Music Foundation was founded in 1988 and is one of 22 regional music institutions in Sweden. Gotlandsmusiken has 14 permanent, professional musicians working in different ensembles.


Jazz Group
Wind Quintet
Bras Sextet
Gotland music Orchestra
Visby Big Band


Wisby Beach Festival July 12-14th

Wisby Beach Festival is a brand new city festival in the heart of Visby. GotlandsMusiken and Wisby Strand are hoping for this to be an annual event where both Gotlandish and national bands and musicians enter the three stages.

GotlandsMusiken is in charge of the content of the festival during the first day and Wisby Strand day two and three.

During the first day GotlandsMusiken will perform with Pugh Rogefeldt and Jono the Band.

Read more about the festival HERE.

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