Sigulda Concerthall \”White Grand Piano\”
Jolanta Bimbere

Concert hall was opened to the public in May 2001. The choice of the building’s appearance is not accidental; music is an important part of its history. The great composer, organist, teacher, music critic, conductor and founder of the Latvian national opera, Alfreds Kalnins, spent most of summers here during his youth. Kalnin\’s family moved here in 1894 and lived at 19 Šveices (Swiss) street for ten years until the composer\’s father passed away.
The summerhouse where Alfred Kalnins spent the summer of 1920 was remodeled to be a music school in 1970. It also currently houses a school of Arts and a concert hall “Baltais Flīģelis/The White Grand Piano”. The concert hall opened with a series of concerts “The stars of Sigulda\’s music life” in 2001. Siguldas concert hall is making new, original concerts and plays with Latvian and worldwide known artists like: Vineta Sareika, Egils Silins, Maksim Risanov, Amadine Savary, Piano quartet Quadra, Sandis Steinbergs, Eriks Kirsfelds, The New Riga theater, who have proved themselves in world known festivals. The concert hall has become the best in the region of Sigulda and the favorite of Latvia. Its acoustical qualities and high level Steinway& Sons Grand piano are highly appreciated among professional musicians and concert goers alike.
World famos musician, violist Gidon Krimer provided solo performance in “Baltais Flīģelis/The White Grand Piano” and in 2004 he founded „Kremerata Baltica festival” in Sigulda, which won „Latvian Great Music” award and newspaper “Diena” “Cultural event 2004” award. Now the festival has become traditional value in Latvian cultural life. About concert hall he says: “There are many concert halls where indeed they have nice ring to it. Recently I have played in concert halls like – Sanpaulu, Japan and in Europe. Also here in Latvia it was very nice to play in small, but very cozy Siguldas new hall “Baltais Fīģelis/ White Grand Piano”.